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Aidan Bell was a stage performer who became well-known in the U.K. and Austria for his performances as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show in the early 1990s. It seems to be very common in Germany (and I suppose by extension, Austria also perhaps) for popular musical theatre performers to record solo albums featuring them singing popular songs from various stage shows. For this particular solo album by Aidan Bell, The Time Warp is featured prominently as the title track following Riff Raff's solo from Over At The Frankenstein Place ("Introduction"). One amusing thing to note is that guest vocalist Wolfgang Ambros (who played Eddie in The Rocky Horror Show with Aidan Bell) sings both Magenta and Columbia's parts in The Time Warp.

Austria ©1994 X-ART Studios (CD 61 047)
Released by ECHO music

Total running time: 41:42

  1. Introduction (0:52) - "The darkness must flow... down the river of night's dreaming. Flow morphia slow, let the sun and light come streaming into my life... into my life."
  2. The Time Warp (3:23) - 258 kbps MP3 or 28.4 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. The Rocky Horror Show (R. O'Brien). Guest vocal: Wolfgang Ambros.
  3. The Rum Tum Tugger (3:31) - Cats (A. Lloyd Webber/T.S. Eliot)
  4. Just a Game (5:27) - Elite (A. Bell/B. Phillips)
  5. Aquarius (3:22) - Hair (G. MacDermot/J. Rado/G. Ragni)
  6. Meadowlark (5:15) - The Baker's Wife (S. Schwartz)
  7. What's New Buenos Aires? (3:30) - Evita (A. Lloyd Webber/T. Rice)
  8. Maybe We Can Make It After All (4:10) - (A. Bell / J. Pacher / N. Stevens / B. Pacher). Guest vocal: Pia Douwes.
  9. Pity the Child (5:26) - Chess (B. Andersson/B. Ulvaeus/T. Rice)
  10. I Am Elite (3:23) - Elite (A. Bell/K. Duncan)
  11. Anthem (3:20) - Chess (B. Andersson/B. Ulvaeus/T. Rice)
Aidan Bell "Timewarp" CD (Front Cover)
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Aidan was born in Hatfield, England, and works as a composer, producer and performer. In England he has appeared in productions including Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Little Shop of Horrors, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cabaret, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

In 1989 he left England to play in the European tour of Hair, finally settling in Wien where he sang in Freudiana, created "Musical? - Oh My God..." and became well known after portraying Riff-Raff in The Rocky Horror Show. It is his relationship with Rocky Horror and Wien which has resulted in this album.


Lead vocals: Aidan Bell
Guest vocal on "The Time Warp": Wolfgang Ambros
Guest vocal on "Maybe we can make it after all": Pia Douwes
Background vocals: Robin Lee, Caroline Vasicek, Diana Bell, Wilfreid Schöner, Jerry Pacher, Aidan Bell


Keyboards and Synth programming: Noel Stevens
Bass: Wolfgang Wein
Drums: Peter Baumgärtner
Guitar: Peter Kranich
Additional Keyboards: Aidan Bell & Jerry Pacher
Sax: Othmar Klein
Addition Percussion: Anton M¨hlhofer
Side Drum on "I am Elite": Klaus Bittner
Vertical DX7: Aidan Bell


Produced by: PUP Records for X-ART Studios
Executive producer: Jerry Pacher
Recorded and mixed at: X-ART Studios Pinkafeld, Austria, February/March 1994
Engineered by: Jerry "PacMan" Pacher
Assistant Engineer: Aidan Bell
Mastered by: Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Los Angeles
Artwork and Design: Kranich Grafik
Photography: Andi Bruckner