The Musical World of Rocky Horror

This production of The Rocky Horror Show took place at the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End, an enormous venue with seating capacity for at least 1200 people. It was the first West End revival of the show since its original run had finally closed at the Comedy Theatre (an 800-seat venue) in 1980. This production was the first by the newly created Rocky Horror Company, formed by producers Howard Panter and Christopher Malcolm (who originated the role of Brad Majors on stage in London) together with author Richard O'Brien. According to an interview with Chris Malcolm, the original producer Michael White had let his option on first-class productions of The Rocky Horror Show lapse in 1984. Michael White has since said that this was the biggest business mistake of his life. Throughout the mid to late 1980s an enormously successful touring production by the Theatre Royal Hanley would criss-cross the U.K. for no less than 170 weeks at 89 different theatres. By 1988 Christopher Malcolm thought The Rocky Horror Show was due for a West End revival and suggested this to Richard O'Brien. It would not be until June 1989 that they arranged to create The Rocky Horror Company with Howard Panter, for the 1990 West End revival as well as future productions around the world.

Several well-known performers were cast for this production. Adrian Edmondson (Brad Majors) played Vyvyan Basterd on BBC series The Young Ones and had been married to actress Jennifer Saunders (of Absolutely Fabulous fame) since 1985. Tim McInnerny (Dr. Frank-N-Furter) was a regular for all four seasons of BBC sitcom The Black Adder and had also appeared in film roles such as Sven the Berserk in Eric the Viking (1989). Edward Tudor-Pole (Riff Raff) came to prominence after appearing (and singing) in Sex Pistols mockumentary The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980). He had also appeared in biopic Sid and Nancy (1986), and would later succeed Richard O'Brien as host of Channel 4 gameshow The Crystal Maze for its final two seasons. Finally, Jonathan Adams reprises his role as the Narrator (a part he originated on stage in London). He is of course much more widely known for his film performance as Dr. Scott in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This cast album's primary marketing angle was that it was the first studio recording of the entire Rocky Horror Show including dialogue (hence "The Whole Gory Story"). The 1980 German Cast recording was the first to include some dialogue, but it was recorded live and to keep the length down many of the actual songs were presented in abbreviated form (i.e. one verse, the chorus, and done). No such compromises were made here. Original Rocky Horror creative team member Richard Hartley also contributes to this recording, producing and arranging all of the musical numbers.

As of this writing in 2009, the Chrysalis Records releases have been out of print for many years. The EMI budget CD however has been in print more often than not, and should be easily available from CDUniverse, Amazon, or similar.

All three recordings (double LP, CD, and budget CD) include the exact same audio tracks. With all the dialogue from the show included this recording is extremely long, clocking in at total running time of 78 minutes 44 seconds on the CDs. Because of the length, this was the first (and only) Rocky Horror Show cast recording to ever be released as a double LP.

Chrysalis Records initially released both the double LP and CD, featuring the same front cover art by Shaun Webb. The double LP has a gatefold with color performance photos, and song lyrics are printed on the inner album sleeves. The CD has liner notes with song lyrics and eight B&W performance photos, almost all of which are different from the color photos on the LP gatefold. EMI Records then made a budget reissue of the CD under their "Music For Pleasure" division. This budget release dispenses with most of the artwork used in the Chrysalis Records releases, opting for a simple logo on the front cover instead. The liner notes still include the song lyrics, but only four of the B&W performance photos are included.

Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 1)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 3)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 4)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 6)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 2)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 5)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast Double LP (Gatefold, Right Side)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 8)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1990 London Cast CD, Chrysalis Records (Liner Notes Part 7)
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The Rocky Horror Show 1990 cast recording.

1990 stage production presented by Christopher Malcolm and Howard Panter for Rocky Horror London Ltd.

Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien


Brad: Adrian Edmondson
Frank N Furter: Tim McInnerny
Janet: Gina Bellman
Usherette/Magenta: Mary Maddox
Columbia: Linda Davidson
The Narrator: Jonathan Adams
Riff Raff: Edward Tudor-Pole
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Gordon Kennedy
Rocky: Adam Caine
Phantom: Zalie Burrow
Phantom: Ian Good
Phantom: Kate O'Sullivan
Phantom: Paul Reeves
Phantom: Stephen Thiebault


Dave Brown: Musical Director and Pianos
Chris Parren: Synthesisers
Geoff Driscoll: Tenor Saxophone
Clem Cattini: Drums
Derek Griffiths: Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Alan Ross: Bass Guitar


Musical numbers produced and arranged by: Richard Hartley
Dialogue directed by: Robin Lefevre
Engineered by: Phil Chapman
Additional sound engineering by: John Leonard
Assisted by: Paul Mortimer
Graphic design: Shaun Webb

Recorded at A Major Studio and Westside Studios, London

Co-ordinated for Rocky Horror London Ltd. by Deborah O'Brien

Company and Stage Manager: Nick Frankfort
Deputy Stage Manager: Kate Sarley
Assistant Stage Managers: Kelly Edmiston & Peter Taylor

Music published by Druidcrest Ltd.

Rocky Horror image design: Shaun Webb
Illustration and coloring: John Higgins and Roy Foy
Production photographs: John Haynes