The Musical World of Rocky Horror

Little Nell "Fever" 12" Single (Front Cover)Little Nell "Fever" 12" Single (Back Cover)

The 7" Fever single released in the U.K. was Little Nell's second major single (after The Musical World of Little Nell). Fellow Rocky Horror Picture Show alumni Richard Hartley and Brian Thomson were co-producers, along with Phil Chapman. The song "Fever" is a pop standard that's been covered by legions of other singers since it was first published in 1956, including the likes of Madonna. This promotional 12" was released in the U.S., with both the original 7" version of "Fever" and a longer version.

USA ©1978 A&M Records, Ltd. (SP-12031)
Released by A&M Records, Inc.
Promotional single. Not for sale. Generic "A&M Disco" sleeve.

Side 1

  1. Fever (Long Version) (5:06) - 190 kbps MP3 or 29.8 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. J. Davenport - E. Cooley

Side 2

  1. Fever (Short Version) (3:11) - 225 kbps MP3 or 20.6 MB lossless FLAC sound files, and song lyrics available. From Fever 7" Single (1978). J. Davenport - E. Cooley
Little Nell "Fever" 12" Single (Front Cover)
12" Front Cover
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Little Nell "Fever" 12" Single (Back Cover)
12" Back Cover
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Produced by Richard Hartley, Brian Thomson, and Phil Chapman
"Fever" written by J. Davenport and E. Cooley