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Paul Pecorino "Perfectly Frank" CD (Front Cover)Paul Pecorino "Perfectly Frank" CD (Back Cover)

This CD was released in 2003 as "A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show", and includes an eclectic mix of styles. Paul Pecorino performed on stage as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for almost three years on tour across Europe in over 500 shows. The CD was reviewed in the August/September 2003 edition (No. 102) of Musicals - Das Musicalmagazin:

Rarely have the cult-hits from Richard O'Brien's "Rocky Horror Show" sounded in such imaginative new arrangements like on the debut album of Paul Pecorino, "Perfectly Frank". Pecorino, who plays the role of Frank-N-Furter in the current tour production of Rocky, recruited the masterminds Richard Beadle and Jens Krause to resurrect the well-known cult hits in the sound of the modern age. "Sweet Transvestite" presents itself in the hammering, dirty rock-sound of the 21st century and "Sweet TV 4711 edit" as a trance-mix like Faithless. "The Time Warp" is on the album twice as well: first as a guitar oppressive Drum-n-Bass (version Brooklyn Dub) and — to match with the current 70s retro wave — as a funny Velveeta-Disco-Mix, whereas "Touch Me" revives as a bar-jazz ballad. "I'm Going Home", the seventh and last song on this refreshing innovative solo-CD, is celebrated as a six minute long solemn hymn and a little spherical ballad, and forms the perfect ending of this recording. Pecorino's sensuous-masculine voice has the versatility to serve all the different styles of this CD and enthralls the listener immediately. That this high standard produced CD has not been released by a big record company is a real shame. Info for ordering @

One thousand copies of the CD were produced by Ballet, Classic, & Entertainment, Gastspielbüro GmbH (or "B, C, & E" for short). They were sold both at live shows and from their (now defunct) web sites at and

Germany ©2003
Limited pressing of one thousand CDs.

Total running time: 34:47

  1. Sweet TV (4:08) - 257 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  2. Time Warp (Brooklyn Dub) (3:56) - 246 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  3. Touch Me (4:36) - 226 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  4. I'm Going Home (5:40) - 227 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  5. Sweet TV (4711 Edit) (6:24) - 231 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  6. Time Warp (Velveeta Disco Mix) (4:02) - 254 kbps MP3 sound file available.
  7. I'm Going Home (Finale) (6:01) - 243 kbps MP3 sound file available.


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Paul Pecorino (2005-10-17)
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Thank you... Richard O'Brien for the fab music & role. Chris Malcolm for the chance. B, C, & E for the belief. Richard Beadle for the hard work and dedication. Jens Krause for the good vibes and red wine. To my brothers Tony & Mike for instilling music in me in the first place. To my sisters Pam, Rose & Joanne because you rock. To my sista's in crime Madonna, Jeff, Buddy, Chris, Sam C. & Mario for always being there. Love to my girls Whitney Nub, Sarah-Doo, Kim G., Angie & Leslie. High fives to my boys Puck, Cliner, Mikey, Drue, Bren-Done & Chris P. To Mark Kettles... And the most special of all: thanks to my Mom, Dad, Fran & Casey for their constant support and love.

All songs written by: Richard O'Brien

Produced by: Richard Beadle
Except tracks 2 & 5 produced by: Jens Krause

Vocals: Paul Pecorino
Keyboards: Richard Beadle
Guitar: Peter Wissing
Bass Guitar, Double Bass: Nathan Finn
Sax: Wim Wollner
Drums: Boris Schulz

Guitar Time Warp Brooklyn Dub: Fabian Schulz
Bass, Keyboard, & Programming on Remixes: Quincey Capitano
Backing Vocals: Marion Campbell, Helena Hellgvist, Sueli Dos Santos

Production Coordinator: Jürgen Hoffmann
Photos: Henriette Schalla
Album Artwork & Design: Drue Pennella

Music & Vocals Recorded, Album Mixed, Edited & Engineered By:
Jens Krause
Peppermint Park Studios
Hannover, Germany

Mastered & Engineered:
Chris Blair
Abbey Road Studios
London, England

By kind permission of Richard O'Brien & Druid Crest Music in association with Ballet, Classic, & Entertainment, Gastspielbüro GmbH