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The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD (Front Cover)The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD (Back Cover)

This tribute album is kind of a higher budget and punk focused version of the Absolute Pleasure album that came out five years previous - even their covers share a similar concept of the lips with piercings added. The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show had much better production qualities and marketing though (the CD was ubiquitous at Hot Topic stores in the U.S. for awhile), and it actually has cover versions of all the songs. This is definitely the best actual tribute album released thus far. Original release date of the CD was on December 2nd, 2003.

Strangely, the liner notes are hidden behind the CD on the inside of the back cover... where almost nobody would ever actually see them. They were written by Shawn "Eddie Migraine" Browning, who conceived the project in 1999 but (as a result of finding God, apparently!) eventually handed off work on it to Avi Ehrlich of Springman Records in 2001. It would take another two years of work by Avi and company before it could actually be released, so I have to wonder if "hiding" the liner notes was purposeful.

As of this writing in 2009, the CD has been in print continuously since its release and is easily available from CDUniverse, Amazon, or similar. It is also available digitally in MP3 form from Amazon MP3 Downloads.

USA ©2003 Springman Records (SPMN 47-CD)
UPC: 639852504727
Various artists.

Total running time: 48:05

  1. Science Fiction/Double Feature by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (2:35) - From Are a Drag (1999).
  2. Dammit, Janet by Love Equals Death (2:06)
  3. Over at the Frankenstein Place by Alkaline Trio (2:32)
  4. The Time Warp by Groovie Ghoulies (3:04)
  5. Sweet Transvestite by Apocalypse Hoboken (3:21)
  6. Sword Of Damocles by The Independents (1:50)
  7. I Can Make You A Man by Pansy Division (1:51)
  8. Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul by The Phenomenauts (2:46)
  9. I Can Make You A Man (Reprise) by The Secretions (1:22)
  10. Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me by Caroline No (2:05)
  11. Once In A While by Big D And The Kids Table (7:04)
  12. Eddie's Teddy by Swingin Utters (2:44)
  13. Planet, Schmanet, Janet by Tsunami Bomb (2:38)
  14. Rose Tint My World/Floor Show by Luckie Strike (1:20)
  15. Fanfair/Don't Dream It by Stunt Monkey (2:33)
  16. Wild And Untamed Thing by Gametime (2:02)
  17. I'm Going Home by The Migraines (2:44)
  18. Super Heroes by Ruths Hat (1:54)
  19. Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) by The Ataris (1:34)

Missing songs: NONE!

The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD (Front Cover)
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The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD (Back Cover)
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Wow it's finally done!

This whole compilation thing started as a brainchild of my wife's and quickly became a huge labor of love for me back in 1999. A compilation of punk and rock and roll bands doing the music we loved from Rocky Horror was a very exciting project.

I was a huge Rocky Horror fan back in High School. I went to Rocky twice a weekend for 17 weeks in a row. I loved the whole scene from the crazy punks, weirdos, and freaks who would come out only at night to attend showings of Rocky at the midnight movies to the fact that we could throw stuff in the theatre while shouting back responses to the screen to the great 50's style punk and roll featured throughout the entire movie.

The midnight showing of Rocky was where some of us fit in back then. There was no mall store to buy your studded wrist bands, we made them. The punk's hair was done up with glue. No one ever modeled themselves after an MTV video. We were the ones who didn't hang with the "cool kids". Somehow we got ostracized, yet deep inside we knew we were just like everyone else. Rocky Horror brought us all together.

Fast forward from high school to the year 2001.

I'm broke and exhausted with this project. My buddy Bubba from Luckie Strike suggested I turn this over to Avi from Springman Records. I had made a huge life change in 2000 and rediscovered my Christian faith. Wanting to keep my obligations and see this thing come to completion, yet knowing I really wasn't the guy to do it anymore, Avi seemed like the man to take this over. Let me tell ya, Avi was a complete Godsend!

Now here we are in 2003 and "The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show" is a reality. Guess what? It's still just as exciting as when my wife and I first started talking about this! A huge thank you to: My wife, Holly for the awesome idea in the first place, Avi for picking up the ball and running with it, Bubba for suggesting Springman Records, All the rockin' bands who made this comp so rad and helped me relive a bit of my teen years, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for making me feel I belonged somewhere when I felt I didn't, and mostly to The Creator for giving me a place to belong when I still don't!

I hope you enjoy this thing and it kicks your tail! Remember, don't dream it, be it!

God bless!
Shawn "Eddie Migraine" Browning

Album Credits

Song credits:
Written by Richard O'Brien
Published by Druidcrest Music
Administered by Wixen Music Publishing

A&R, Layout, and extreme patience by Avi Ehrlich
The Springman Records team is currently Kim, Mike, and Avi. We worked way too hard on this so please send vegan cookies.

Springman Records
P.O. Box 2043, Cupertino, CA 95015-2043

Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Paul Stubblebine Mastering

Early A&R by Shawn Browning (AKA: Eddie Migraine)

Printing: Jux @ Icon (510) 601-5131
CDs: Steve @ Dilligent (310) 318-1283

Artwork by Steve Rolston,

Thanks: All the bands, Richard O'Brien, Kevin Sur, David Ferreria, S. Steven Struble, Dal, Jay, Larry,, Garby, Vanessa, Fat, Crazed Imaginations, RHPS casts everywhere, and you for buying and enjoying this record!

Websites that matter:,,,

The Artists

1. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes: Science Fiction/Double Feature
From the album Are A Drag care of Fat Wreck Chords,,

2. Love Equals Death: Dammit, Janet, guest vocals by Katie Floyd from the band TRONN (, recorded at City of Light Studios

3. Alkaline Trio: Over at the Frankenstein Place
Recorded during sound-check and on the Trio's tour bus during the Vagrant Across America tour., care of Vagrant Records

4. Groovie Ghoulies: The Time Warp, care of Springman Records

5. Apocalypse Hoboken: Sweet Transvestite

6. The Independents: The Sword Of Damocles

7. Pansy Division: I Can Make You A Man
Recorded at Louder in San Francisco, March 1999. Engineered by Tim Green.,

8. The Phenomenauts: Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul
Produced by The Phenomenauts and Col. Reehotch. Engineered and Mixed by Phil Jahns Asst enginner Jeana Lasser., care of Springman Records

9. The Secretions: I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)
Recorded and mixed by Andy Earnst at Art Of Ears in Hayward, CA., care of Springman Records

10. Caroline No: Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
Featuring Jeannette from The Chubbies on keys, vox, guitar, and bass. Matt on drums and vox. No website yet., 12152 4th Street, Yucaipa, CA 92399. FME Booking: (909) 319-8176.

11. Big D And The Kids Table: Once In A While, care of Fork In Hand Records

12. Swingin Utters: Eddie's Teddy, alternative version featured on The Utters' self titled album on Fat Wreck Chords,

13. Tsunami Bomb: Planet, Schmanet, Janet, recorded at Grizzly Studios. Care of Kung Fu Records

14. Luckie Strike: Rose Tint My World/Floor Show
Discography record coming soon on Springman Records

15. Stunt Monkey: Fanfair/Don't Dream It
Aram - vocals, guitar; Rossi - bass, vocals; Ben - guitar; Evan - drums. Recorded at Nugget Studios / produced by John Lazarus.

16. Gametime: Wild And Untamed Thing
Recorded by Keith Kaster @ LowKey Productions Studios in Blue Springs, MO

17. The Migraines: I'm Going Home
Recorded at TT Bush Record Plant. Produced by Tim Bushong. Shawn "Eddie Migraine" Browning - guitar, vocals. Craig Weitz - Bass, vocals. J.R. Smith - Drums. Mack Campbell - weird little lead thing.

18. Ruths Hat: Super Heroes
Recorded, produced, and mastered by Brett Humber and Christ Pistagnesi at The Sound Foundry,, courtesy of Fast Music

19. The Ataris: Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)
Kris Roe - Guitar, Vocals, Cello, Piano. Mike D - Bass, back up vocals. Marco P. - Guitar, back up vocals. Kid - Drums.