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Stanford Fleet Street Singers "All the Rage" CD (Front Cover)Stanford Fleet Street Singers "All the Rage" CD (Back Cover)

"The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, or Fleet Street, as we're known to the popular masses of Stanford University, are sixteen men devoted to the professional presentation of pure a cappella." This album includes their all-male a cappella rendition of The Time Warp.

USA ©1998 The Stanford Fleet Street Singers (FSCD-1998)

Total running time: 39:40

  1. Web Surfin' (4:01) - Music by Al Yankovic. Lyrics by John Davi and Matthew Hempey.
  2. Come a Little Bit Closer (2:45) - (Jay and the Americans) Written by T. Boyce and B. Hart.
  3. Greensleeves (2:49) - (Traditional)
  4. The Real Genius (3:11) - (The William Tell Overture) Written by G. Rossini. Lyrics by John Niekrasz and Tim Quinn.
  5. Deep in the Jungle (3:52) - Written by J. Scruggs.
  6. The Time Warp (3:17) - 261 kbps MP3 or 22.2 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Written by R. O'Brien.
  7. How Deep is Your Love? (3:23) - (Bee Gees) Written by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.
  8. All the Rage (4:59) - Music by John Niekrasz. Lyrics by John Davi, with Anthony Basile, John Niekrasz, Scott Reilly, and Colin Ritter.
  9. Daughter of Darkness (2:35) - (Tom Jones) Written by Reed and Stephens. Additional music and lyrics by John Davi and Matthew Hempey.
  10. Dancing Queen (4:48) - (ABBA) Written by S.Andersson, B.Andersson, and B.Ulvaeus.
  11. Joyful, Joyful (3:59) - Written by Ludwig van Beethoven.
Stanford Fleet Street Singers "All the Rage" CD (Front Cover)
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Stanford Fleet Street Singers "All the Rage" CD (Back Cover)
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Stanford Fleet Street Singers "All the Rage" CD (Compact Disc)
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Produced by John Niekrasz and Matthew Hempey

Engineered, mixed, and recorded by Bill Hare, Bill Hare Productions, Milpitas, CA
Percussion recorded by John Niekrasz at CCRMA, Stanford, CA (tracks 2, 5, 8)
Sound effects recorded by Matthew Hempey and John Niekrasz at CCRMA, Stanford, CA (tracks 2, 4-6)
Backgrounds recorded at Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA (tracks 2-5, 11)

Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Rocket Labs, San Francisco, CA

Artwork and design by Matthew Hempey
Text by Anthony Basile, John Davi, Matthew Hempey, and John Niekrasz
Photography by Colin Ritter and Kym Solheim
Marketing and promotion by Nate Whitman and Anthony Basile

Performed by The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, 1997-1998
Dancing Queen by Fleet Street '94-'95
Backgrounds on tracks 2-5 and 11 by Fleet Street '96-'97, including Anand Desai, Matt "Pork" Giamporcaro, Jeremy Henrickson, Justin Leonard, Andreas "Dre" Sahar, and Dan Wolk

Fleet Street '97-'98

Jason Engleman, '00
Nathan "Wheatie" Reed, '99
Nate Whitman, '98
David "Weasel" Wiesen, '99

Anthony "Spice" Basile, '00
John Davi, '00 Business Manager
John "Gramps" Niekrasz, '99
Jeff "Schweg" Schwegman, '01

Matthew "Hemp" Hempey, MS '98 Musical Director
Tim Quinn, '98
Scott Reilly, '00 Punt
Colin "Critter" Ritter, '01

Jeff Gable, '01
Serban Hartular, '01
Matthew Mori, '00 (on cover)

Fleet Street would like to thank:

Don and Robin Kennedy, Brooke Eittreim Alicaya, The Stanford Fund, Arcadio and Ellen Morales, Twain Hall, Jeannie Meyer, Jenny Hare, The Princeton Tigerlilies, Molly McKew, Brenda Fearme, the Old Farts, and all the artists whose songs we perform.

A special thank you to Bill Hare, whose dedication, talent, and imagination played an integral role in this production.