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New Group "Blasting Through October" CD (Front Cover)New Group "Blasting Through October" CD (Back Cover)

The New Group is a fifteen member co-ed a capella singing group from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. This album includes their a cappella rendition of The Time Warp.

USA ©1995 The New Group

Total running time: 64:49

  1. Istanbul (not Constantinople) (1:42) - Simon & Kennedy
  2. Mysterious Woman (3:18) - Christine Lavin
  3. Africa (4:51) - David Paich and Jeff Porcaro
  4. (3:07) - Suzanne Vega
  5. Master and Servant (3:59) - Depeche Mode
  6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (3:10) - Robert Hazard
  7. The Word (2:41) - Lennon/McCartney
  8. The Time Warp (3:30) - 208 kbps MP3 or 18.1 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. Richard O'Brien
  9. Ring of Fire (2:28) - Johnny Cash
  10. California Dreamin' (2:39) - The Mamas and the Papas
  11. I Know what I Know (3:29) - Paul Simon
  12. In Lo-Rise (4:55) - Music: Peter Gabriel. Lyrics: Brian Cimmet.
  13. Grade 9 (2:23) - Barenaked Ladies
  14. The Masochism Tango (2:42) - Tom Lehrer
  15. One Night in Bangkok (3:21) - Tim Rice, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus
  16. My Funny Valentine (1:50) - Rodgers and Hart
  17. Stop! (4:08) - Sam Brown
  18. Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow (2:15) - Jethro Tull
  19. Constant Craving (3:17) - k.d.lang
  20. Thriller (5:01) - Rod Temperton
New Group "Blasting Through October" CD (Front Cover)
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New Group "Blasting Through October" CD (Back Cover)
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New Group "Blasting Through October" CD (Liner Notes)
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the new group is
jeremy bernstein
sara beszterczey
yung mei choi
brian cimmet
carrie fischer
eric fox
adam hirsch
ben holder
gary horowitz
emy johnson
katy leue
euc pereyra
nancy shane
lauren spooner
nella young

recorded march 20-24, 1995
mixed and mastered april 1995 at trod nossel studios, wallingford, ct.
produced by bob russo (MAx Oz)
engineered by howard jeffrey
assistant-produced by adam hirsch @amp; brian cimmet
graphic design by adam hirsch
photography by anoosh jorjorian
cover photograph by matt edes-pierotti
this album is brought to you by the letter 'a' and the number '4'

total time: 1:04:43

many thanks to:
our families, the s.b.c., past new groupers, cari macdermott, the elboids, richard greene, meliss, mark gawlak, boris kolenkhov, ed reichert, the mystical b, rese, alpha delta phi middletown, the slackers, planet 806, warning lights, inc., your mother.

"perfection is a disease; the feeling is so much more important." -les paul

we made every sound on this disc.

Musical Direction by Brian Cimmet
All arrangements by Brian Cimmet except The Word by Daniel Handler, Africa by Ginger McManus, and Constant Craving by Lauren Spooner.

The New Group
c/o The Wesleyan Student Assembly
190 High St.
Middletown, CT 06459