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Rocky Horror Show, 2005 Vancouver Cast CD (Front Cover)Rocky Horror Show, 2005 Vancouver Cast CD (Back Cover)

This production of The Rocky Horror Show took place at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in Summer 2002. For information about how this privately released recording came about, read the liner notes below where the producer talks about it in great detail. A nice web site was launched in 2005 along with the CD, at It's gone offline a couple of times, but appears OK as of this writing in 2009. You should be able to order CDs directly through their web site.

Canada ©2005 Rocky Horror Vancouver Cast
Released by Mix Media Productions
UPC: 776098167924
Private release produced by Stephen Bulat.

Total running time: 58:00

  1. Overture/Science Fiction Double Feature (4:16)
  2. Damn It, Janet (2:31)
  3. Over at the Frankenstein Place (3:13)
  4. Time Warp (4:33)
  5. Sweet Transvestite (3:36)
  6. The Sword of Damocles (3:05)
  7. Charles Atlas (1:56)
  8. Hot Patootie (2:32)
  9. Charles Atlas (Reprise) (2:00)
  10. Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me (3:06)
  11. Once in a While (3:02)
  12. Eddie's Teddy (3:06)
  13. Planet Schmanet (3:09)
  14. Floor Show (7:15)
  15. I'm Going Home (2:40)
  16. Super Heroes (2:15)
  17. Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) (1:17)
  18. Time Warp (Absolute Pleasure) Remix (4:27)

Missing songs: NONE!


Rocky Horror Show, 2005 Vancouver Cast CD (Front Cover)
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Rocky Horror Show (2005 Vancouver Cast)
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I am an obsessive person. I know that. There are no small projects with me, only small ideas that morph into colossal undertakings. Take this CD for instance, someone said - I can't even remember who it was - someone said "Hey Steve you've got your own studio now, why don't you record The Rocky Horror Show?" That was all I needed for the seed to be planted - "I've laid the seed, it should be all she needs" - God bless musicians willing to play for pizza and beer. Martin and James I can't thank you enough. Tom Arntzen did an incredible job laying all the piano tracks down in 5 short hours. But a rocking rhythm section and killer piano track wasn't enough. Oh no I wanted, I needed more. Hammond organ - the real thing not a synth patch, trumpet, sax, pedal steel guitar and the beautiful and talented Renée playing both violin and viola - all the instruments that we were never able to afford to have for either of the live productions. The music the way it was meant to be heard. But great music doesn't belong on a home-burned CDR, the title scrawled with a black sharpie in a jewel case bought at London Drugs - Oh no, we must have it copied properly with a glass master, full colour CD inserts, (black and white is so passé!), professional photos, cello-wrapped, a dance remix of Time Warp - oh and we should get our own website while we're at it, we can sell the CDs on the web, a great thing like this should - must be made available for the entire world, the entire universe. And then there's e-bay. We can sell our CDs there as well AND we can make black condoms that glow in the dark and say "Give yourself over to absolute pleasure!" - Did I mention that I am an obsessive person? Ya well I'm working on it. Where did it all begin you ask? "Wait, I can explain".

We were sitting in Mark's basement suite in Vancouver. It was sometime in 1999. Mark said "Hey you wanna do a live production of The Rocky Horror Show?" Neither of us actually thought we would be able to get the performance rights. I had never even heard of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being done as a theatrical production. Well we did get the rights, Mark directed, I musical directed, and with the help of Richard Elsom we mounted it in the fall of 2000 at the Norman Rothstein Theatre, located in the Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver. The first ever kosher Rocky Horror. We assembled a great cast, amazing musicians, a fantastic production team and other than a really sucky set I was very pleased with what we had accomplished. That would have been the end of the Rocky Horror Show in my life and Mark's if Bill Millerd from The Arts Club Theatre hadn't decided to come and see one of our shows. Bill absolutely loved it. "Fabulous!" he said. Actually, I have no idea what Bill thought of our production but he did think enough of it to pick it up and re-mount it at his own theatre in the summer of 2002. They had money, costumes, wigs, a full technical staff, moving lights, a proper sound system, and a set that didn't suck. Imagine getting paid to play guitar for The Rocky Horror Show. Six weeks wearing nothing but a sexy black teddy, fishnets, garter belt, lipstick, and a beat up Stratocaster. How cool is that!

I can see that these liner notes are turning into an unabridged Moby Dick (no pun intended) so I will cut to the chase here. Many long and hard (no pun intended) months of work went into this "small" project and there are many people that helped to make it happen. Big kudos to Christi (no e), Ray, Maria, and Renée for putting up with me and my compulsive ways, that "phantom" figure that put this idea in my head in the first place, and the great Richard O'Brien who wrote this rockin' music. I have one last thing to say before I leave you, and I say it at great risk of ending on an ultra cheesy note, but I will say it nonetheless. True words to live by, words I live by: "Don't dream it, be it!"

Stephen Bulat - Producer


Produced By: Mix Media Productions
Recording Engineers: Stephen Bulat, Ray Morgan
Mixed & Mastered By: Stephen Bulat
Time Warp (Absolute Pleasure) Remix By: Stephen Bulat, Paul Garay
Vocal Arrangements By: Tom Arntzen
Photography By: David Ellingsen
Layout And Design By: Ray Morgan, Stephen Bulat, Christi McAllister Arellano
All Tracks Composed By: Richard O'Brien
All Tracks Published By: Druidcrest Ltd.

Ruben "Ham N Cheese" Arellano, Greg Armstron-Morris, The Arts Club Theatre, Kris Boyd, Terry Calzulo, Renée Cook, Karen & John Davis, Maria Denholme, & Tom Gauntley


Neil Minor - Frank N Furter
Scott Walters - Brad Majors
Christi McAllister Arellano - Janet Weiss
Joe Davies - Riff Raff
Karen Davis - Magenta
Heather Feeney - Columbia
Gordon Roberts - Narrator
Ian Rozylo - Rocky
Damon Calderwood - Dr. Scott
Andy Toth - Eddie
Janet Glassford - Roxy The Usherette
Lance Cardinal - Phantom
Donya Metzger - Phantom


Stephen Bulat - Guitar
Tom Arntzen - Piano
James Scholl - Bass
Martin Fisk - Drums
Chris King - Hammond B2 Organ
Howard Anderson - Tenor Sax
Renée Cook - Violin & Viola
Kyle Axford - Trumpet
Scott Smith - Pedal Steel Guitar


(referring to this cast photo in the liner notes)
2ND FROM BACK: Phil Robertson, Lisa Young, Scott Walters, Ted Roberts, Tom Arntzen, Doug MacKinnon, Michael Wood, Craig Fulker, Mark Carter, Ian Roxylo, Heather Feeney, Joe Davies, Neil Minor, Christi McAllister Arellano, Tim Cardinal, Zoë Sanborn, Richard Elsom
3RD FROM BACK: Louis-Marie Bournival, Gord Roberts, Damon Calderwood, Karen Davis, Janet Glassford, Donya Metzger, Andy Toth, Lance Cardinal
FRONT ROW: Ed Lazenby, Del Surjik, Chris Daniels, Stephen Bulat, John James Hong, Gillian Barber