The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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Album Image Types

7" Back Cover: 14 images

Tim Curry "Working On My Tan" 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x718 JPEG, 166 KB
Rocky Horror Show, 1973 London Cast 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x719 JPEG, 366 KB
Shock Treatment Soundtrack 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x724 JPEG, 269 KB
Just Us Girls "Time Warp" 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x737 JPEG, 282 KB
Belinda Sinclair "Touch Me" 7" Single, Rich Teaboy Reissue (Back Cover)
750x743 JPEG, 361 KB
Lou & The Hollywood Bananas "Time Warp" 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x746 JPEG, 331 KB
Little Nell "Beauty Queen" 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x749 JPEG, 311 KB
Belinda Sinclair "Touch Me" 7" Single, Antic Records (Back Cover)
750x750 JPEG, 356 KB
Rocky Horror Show, 1974 Roxy Cast 7" Single (Back Cover)
750x750 JPEG, 261 KB
Belinda Sinclair "Touch Me" 7" Single, Victor Records (Back Cover)
748x750 JPEG, 351 KB
Little Nell "Musical World of Little Nell (Aquatic Teenage Sex & Squalor)" 7" Single (Back Cover)
747x750 JPEG, 412 KB
Little Nell "Fever" 7" Single (Back Cover)
745x750 JPEG, 392 KB
Tim Curry "Baby Love" 7" Single (Back Cover)
744x750 JPEG, 258 KB
Tim Curry "I Do The Rock" 7" Single (Back Cover)
740x750 JPEG, 281 KB