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DoRight Productions - Rocky Horror Remixed Dubs: 21 sound files        9,291 views

These tracks are dub remixes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, and to put it bluntly... they're awful. Hideous. Really bad. I can't recommend them at all. Their album liner notes state: "In 1980, Mark Richards, a devoted Rocky Horror fan from West Virginia, got together with DJ Keith Erikson to create new Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment songs, completely remixed from the album versions. Production continued for the next several years. After obtaining the instrumental tracks from the RHPS soundtrack, production began. A total of 74 songs were created, including special dub versions called 'Fun With (name of song)'. The songs never received the final okay and therefore were never released. The only productions were made in their rough-draft form (very unprofessional), complete with glitches and flaws. Had the final approval been given, the mixes would have been redone in a professional studio correctly."