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Richard O'Brien - Mephistopheles Smith Cloven Hooves Tour 2007: 5 sound files        7,889 views

This 2007 revival of Richard O'Brien's Disgracefully Yours show was put on by the Janus Theatre Company. It toured the U.K. after premiering at the Brighton Fringe Festival in May 2007. Performers include Tim Driesen as Mephistopheles Smith with Lindsey Lauer and Claire Huckle as the Devilettes. The song Anyhow, Anyhow from Shock Treatment was also worked into the show, with the lyrics changed from Denton, USA to wherever the show was actually being performed.Mephistopheles Smith (Cloven Hooves Tour)
  1. Must Be Mephistopheles Smith / Disgracefully Yours - 5:47, 244 kbps MP3, 10.1 MB
  2. Praise Yourself - 1:06, 242 kbps MP3, 1.9 MB
  3. Angel In Me - 4:01, 240 kbps MP3, 6.9 MB
  4. Dance of Love - 3:17, 250 kbps MP3, 5.9 MB
  5. Anyhow, Anyhow - 2:39, 234 kbps MP3, 4.5 MB. In their version of this song from Shock Treatment, the location is changed from Denton, USA to Brighton, UK.