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Art Of Noise and Justin Carpenter

Cliff De Young

David & Roxana

DJ Clive$ter

Linda Thomas

Midnight Madness Cast

  • Radio Publicity Stunt - 11:48, 142 kbps MP3, 12.0 MB. The Midnight Madness shadowcast is dared by a local radio station to have a group of guys dress in bra, panties, and garter belt and lead a protest march on the Chicago Art Institute. Is that really supposed to be a big deal for them?

Music Factory Mastermix

Rocky Horror Show Computer Game

  • The Time Warp - 0:57, 269 kbps MP3, 1.8 MB. This game was produced for early 8-bit computers including the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC by the CRL Group in 1985.

Sal Piro

Sisters In Stockings