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Rocky Horror Show - 1995/96 Danish Cast: 3 sound files        4,322 views

From the 1995 CD single. This production of The Rocky Horror Show took place at Aarhus Teater in Aarhus, Denmark beginning on October 28th, 1995. The Danish translations are by Jesper Klein, though in the songs here the language switches back and forth frequently between Danish and English (even in mid-sentence).The Rocky Horror Show (Danish Cast)
  1. Time Warp - 3:40, 260 kbps MP3, 6.8 MB (23.8 MB lossless FLAC also available). Pelle Koppel, Dorthe Hansen Carlsen, Camilla Bendix, Ulf Stenbjørn
  2. Sweet Transvestite - 2:57, 248 kbps MP3, 5.2 MB (17.9 MB lossless FLAC also available). Lead: Kim Leprévost. Kor: Camilla Bendix, Dorthe Hansen Carlsen, Pelle Koppel.
  3. Frankensteins Place - 3:01, 234 kbps MP3, 5.1 MB (17.3 MB lossless FLAC also available). Leads: Lotte Munk, Dan Zahle, Pelle Koppel. Kor: Ensemble.