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BBC Radio1 OneMusic Documentaries

  • Scary Monsters & Super Freaks - 31:58, 128 kbps MP3, 29.3 MB. "If you're a freak or a geek, if you're strange or deranged, if you feel like an outsider then come along, climb aboard... for I would like, if I may, to take you on a very strange journey." A BBC audio documentary about Scissor Sisters, narrated by Richard O'Brien.

Richard O'Brien

Wireless Theatre Company

  • Richard O'Brien's Pig In Boots - 1:05:53, 128 kbps 48.0kHz MP3, 60.3 MB. This audio show, a dark subversive take on the traditional Christmas pantomime, was written by Richard O'Brien and recorded in a live performance at Headliners Comedy Club in London on December 4th, 2008. It featured a cast of nine performers, live sound effects from The Foley Brothers, and original music by James McQuillan. Provided by The Wireless Theatre Company.