The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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1975 Australian Cast

1975 Broadway Cast

1980s Munich, Germany School Chorus

1987 U.K. Royal Hanley Tour

2001 Broadway Cast

20th Anniversary Ensemble Cast

8th Street Playhouse Cast


Apple Pie

Bockman's Euphio

Brian May

Cabaret Diosa

Casper & The Cookies


  • Sounds So Fine - 4:25, 258 kbps MP3, 8.1 MB (25.1 MB lossless FLAC also available). "Cheap, nasty disco music". Random. Taken from DIME.
  • Time Warp - 6:15, 262 kbps MP3, 11.7 MB (35.6 MB lossless FLAC also available). Includes various announcements beforehand, and there are a number of audience hecklers ("Who's the wanker in the tights?") towards the beginning of the song. Taken from DIME.
  • Time Warp II - 6:31, 270 kbps MP3, 12.6 MB (38.2 MB lossless FLAC also available). "Lots of people have said I've gone commercial with The Time Warp II. But I had to to get radio play!". Apparently this is the radio version, which was #44 on the singles charts at the time. At some point during the song something happened to the PA which caused it to vibrate horribly. Rather than fixing it, they just turned the volume down or unplugged the offending speaker. Taken from DIME.


  • Time Warp (1999) - 3:27, 192 kbps MP3, 4.7 MB. Punk cover version performed live in Dallas, Texas. Contributed by Jochen B.

Dori Hartley

Dresden Dolls


Jeff Buckley

Jonathan Adams

Marc With A C

Meat Loaf


Richard O'Brien

Rocky Horror Picture Show & Live '91 In Tokiwaza, Japan

Rocky over the Rainbow

RockyCon One Ensemble Cast

String Cheese Incident


Tim Curry


Transexual Glamour