The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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1992 Australian Cast

  • Radio Spot - 0:40, 238 kbps MP3, 1.1 MB. Local radio ad for this production, at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne.

8th Street Playhouse Cast

Art Of Noise and Justin Carpenter

Cliff De Young

Dori Hartley

Jim Steinman

Jonathan Adams

Just Us Girls

Life Organisation

Linda Thomas

Meat Loaf

Midnight Madness Cast

  • Radio Publicity Stunt - 11:48, 142 kbps MP3, 12.0 MB. The Midnight Madness shadowcast is dared by a local radio station to have a group of guys dress in bra, panties, and garter belt and lead a protest march on the Chicago Art Institute. Is that really supposed to be a big deal for them?

Richard O'Brien

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Show Computer Game

  • The Time Warp - 0:57, 269 kbps MP3, 1.8 MB. This game was produced for early 8-bit computers including the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC by the CRL Group in 1985.

RockyCon One Ensemble Cast

Sal Piro

Syracuse Rocky Horror Show Cast

  • Interview - 4:49, 138 kbps MP3, 4.7 MB. Interview with the Jon Mulroy Civic Center's cast of The Rocky Horror Show in Syracuse, New York by Justin "Muzzle" Carpenter.

Tim Curry