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Super Heroes: 23 sound files

1975 Australian Cast

1975 Brazilian Cast

1975 Broadway Cast

1976 Mexican Cast

  • (Super Heroes) - 1:40, 245 kbps MP3, 2.9 MB. The Brad and Janet verses of the song are both omitted and replaced by lots of 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing before it goes into the Narrator speech, exactly as was done for the edited original midnight release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

1980s Munich, Germany School Chorus

1986 Mexican Cast

1987 U.K. Royal Hanley Tour

1991 Icelandic Cast

1992 Australian Cast

1994 Argentinian Cast

1995 Finnish Cast

1995 Icelandic Cast

1997/98 South African Cast

DoRight Productions

Kissing Kalina

Richard O'Brien

Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Fan Tribute

Rocky Horror Picture Show & Live '91 In Tokiwaza, Japan

  • Super Heroes - 9:53, 148 kbps MP3, 10.5 MB (40.7 MB lossless FLAC also available). "I love you! I need you! I miss you!" This track includes a long monologue (primarily in Japanese) spanning over five minutes, before the actual song even starts.

Rocky over the Rainbow