The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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Time Warp: 94 sound files

1975 Australian Cast

1975 Broadway Cast

1976 Mexican Cast

1980 Essen Germany Cast

1980s Munich, Germany School Chorus

  • Time Warp - 4:07, 256 kbps MP3, 7.5 MB. The full chorus is actually used for primary voices here, rather than relying on soloists. Contributed by Jochen B.

1986 Mexican Cast

1987 U.K. Royal Hanley Tour

1991 Icelandic Cast

1992 Australian Cast

1994 Argentinian Cast

1995 Finnish Cast

1995 Icelandic Cast

1995/96 Danish Cast

1997/98 South African Cast

2001 Broadway Cast

2001 Korean Cast

2008/09 European Tour

20th Anniversary Ensemble Cast

Aidan Bell

Apple Pie

Cabaret Diosa



David & Roxana

DJ Clive$ter

DoRight Productions

DoRight Productions / Damian

Idle Thoughts and the Prince Albert Rocky Horror Cast

Jeff Buckley

Just Us Girls

Life Organisation

Lou & The Hollywood Bananas

  • Time Warp - 3:15, 251 kbps MP3, 5.8 MB (21.4 MB lossless FLAC also available). Francis "Lou" Deprijck with Helena and Heidi. This track was also released in French as "Troisiéme dimension". Contributed by Jochen B.

Music Factory Mastermix

Paul Pecorino

Pocket Songs You Sing The Hits


Richard O'Brien

Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Fan Tribute

Rocky Horror Karaoke Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show & Live '91 In Tokiwaza, Japan

Rocky Horror Show Computer Game

  • The Time Warp - 0:57, 269 kbps MP3, 1.8 MB. This game was produced for early 8-bit computers including the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC by the CRL Group in 1985.

Rocky over the Rainbow

RockyCon One Ensemble Cast

Rumble On The Beach

  • Time Warp - 3:28, 245 kbps MP3, 6.1 MB. German psychobilly band.

Shock And Awe

Sisters In Stockings

Stanford Fleet Street Singers

  • The Time Warp - 3:17, 261 kbps MP3, 6.1 MB (22.2 MB lossless FLAC also available). "The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, or Fleet Street, as we're known to the popular masses of Stanford University, are sixteen men devoted to the professional presentation of pure a cappella."

String Cheese Incident

The JunkHeads

The New Group


Transexual Glamour

University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band

  • Time Warp - 3:04, 236 kbps MP3, 5.2 MB. Obviously this is an instrumental version of The Time Warp, since it's being performed by a college marching band...:-)

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