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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:04 am 

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Some of you know me. Those of you that do can vouch for me that I am not a rip off artist.

Recently I was trying to book a print of Rocky for our new show in Indiana. Through some great massive blessing from God (or whatever you personally believe in), it has come into my hands to try to help gather funds for Criterion Pictures to strike brand new 35mm prints of Shock Treatment.

While talking to the guy from Criterion, he asked about Shock Treatment and weather it would be financially worth it to strike a new print. Of course I answered with a resounding yes. He wasn't sure if he could get Criterion to back it, but he was gonna try.

I mentioned this to Larry Vizel. Larry said he would gladly pay for the print to be struck!!!! That's how awesome Larry is.

So, I relayed this back to the guy a Criterion, who was ecstatic!!! He couldn't believe a fan would do that. However, the downside was, if he had only one print struck, it would be considered an archival print. That means it could only go to theatres that ran the old reel to reel changeover system. Without getting too techincal, most theatres today assemble the entire print on a big platter and that is how the film is run. Studios will not let an archival print be run on a platter becasue they believe paltters are more prone to damaging the film. Long story short, many of your theatres would not be allowed to run Shock Treatment.

However, the guy from Criterion said if he were able to get TWO prints struck, one could go out to whatever theatre wanted it. Larry once again came to the rescue and said he's be willing to pay for two prints to be struck.

That's the long winded story.

Now, since having brand new, unfaded prints of Shock Treatment would benefit us ALL, I figured I would come to the community for help. I would LOVE to see some of the financil burden be taken from Larry Vizel.

SO I am proposing those of us that do have the extra cash (I know it's very few, especially in these times) chip in what we can to help Larry on this quest. If you are interested, feel free to contact myself at: sailorcartman1 at hotmail dot com. Or, if you know Larry personally and know how to get a hold of him, you can contact him as well.

Questions that may be asked of me:

So, who will "own" the prints?

A: Criterion pictures/20th Century Fox will own them. They will be kept at Criterion for bookings. Larry and myself are only trying to fund the project. Neither one of us will get our own print. This is for the betterment of the Rocky community in general, not for either of our own personal gain.

Who would I book these prints through once they are available?

I am assuming Criterion will control the prints. If you go to Fox, they will probably just sned you to Criterion.

How soon will the prints be avaialble?

Depends on when the money is available. Larry is running a con out of his pocket right now, so I would think he would not be able to afford it by himself until later in the year, probably after the con.

How much will the prints cost?

A: The estimate we have been given at this time is roughly $3000 a print. So that's $6000 for two prints. Hell, if we were for some reason able to raise more, maybe we could even get three prints struck!!

I hope that answers all of your questions. I hope there a a few of us with some disposable cash that can get this thing done!!

Thanks for your time.

John davey
sailorcartman1 at hotmail dot com

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