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PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:40 pm 

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If you are on Facebook, please join the group using the link above. It is a petition for the current cast to release a cast recording CD. A Facebook group is an easy way to demonstrate how many people want this CD!

Want to support? Follow these steps:

1) Join the Facebook Petition: Release a Rocky Horror Show CD with David Bedella at

2) Add a post to this thread on to say you have joined (this will keep the thread near the top so other people can see it and join too!)

3) Invite people to join the petition on Facebook. If you know specific people e-mail, or message them or write on their wall. Many people ignore invitations to groups.

4) If you are going to see the show, ask people there if they have heard of the Facebook petition. Bring the topic of a cast recording into EVERY conversation!

5) If you know or meet the cast (or people from the production company) ask them if they have heard of the Facebook petition (some have as they are on the petition). Ask if there are any plans for a CD, if people keep asking it will get fed back to the production company.

6) DON'T just join the group and go. Well you can if you want. But if you can hang around, share ideas, think about other ways to help that would be great. Anybody with insider links especially welcome :P

7) Mention the Facebook petition around the web/Facebook. Don't spam, but tell people who may not know.

8 ) Can anyone think of a way to put the Facebook CD petition into the audience participation? If a good part of the audience shout something appropriate and witty within the show, the production company will have to start noticing!

9) Make getting a CD released the topic for the rest of the 2010 tour.

10) Don't give up.

We can do this!

**UPDATE OCT 2010**
We have some recogjnition about our petition from "Richard OBrien's Rocky Horror Show" Facebook page....

"Dear Richard, petition noted and fed back to production team. the more people join your group the more chance we have of getting a green light."

So there is still hope! Rally the troops, and lets make one final push.

And if you haven't already, join! (over 800 people can't be wrong).....

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