Rocky's SInging Voice
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Author:  fearltd [ Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Rocky's SInging Voice

So I know that an unnamed studio singer initially did Rocky's vocals that Peter Hinwood mimed to, and it was later replaced with Trevor White's singing in the finished film. This is easy to discern from the Sword of Damocles version in the movie and the original unheard version included in "Absolute Treasures" a few years back.

BUT, I've always been confused about Rocky's verse in Rose Tint - the version of the soundtrack and the version in (at least the DVD) the film. My DVD has the same version with both the mono and stereo choices. I saw someone on here previously suggest that the film version was an onset vocal recording of Peter Hinwood, which I strongly doubt. Maybe someone can answer definitively which one is Trevor White and which one is the studio singer.


FILM VERSION (Sorry about the quality, best I could find)

Author:  autoamerican [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

the voice in the MONO version of the soundtrack to the film as that is how it was originally released and the 5.1 mix which was taken from the mono version is the same version. That voice is I'm guessing Peter Hinwood's. The voice on the soundtrack album which was the version used for the stereo remix of the film is the unnamed man's voice. It's also possible that Trevor White did the same thing for Rose Tint's but no one has confirmed this one. Only Sword of Damocles. Since the vocal on the mono version sounds like it could be Peter or the Studio Singer who also had a bad voice. It's Definitely not Trevor White.

Author:  fearltd [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

I really doubt that it was Peter Hinwood's real voice on the film soundtrack, considering him being an untrained actor, much less a vocalist. They even dubbed his voice just saying "Creature of the Night" in Toucha Toucha Touch Me, so I don't think the filmmakers would have had much confidence in having him sing an entire verse. Plus the vocals definitely sound pre-recorded, same as the others in the song. Listening to all the versions now, I'm leaning toward the soundtrack version being the same studio singer, and the film version being Trevor White. Unless there was another studio singer involved with recording Rocky's vocals, in which case making this situation even more confusing lol.

Author:  crazybeats [ Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

Why have they never done a proper box set release of the original soundtrack? Like one of those Beach Boys sets, give several takes of each song, let us hear versions we didn't even know existed, let us hear demos and samples, what about Richard O'Brien's demos? Why hasn't someone went and released all this stuff before?

Author:  joevitus1 [ Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

I'm sometimes of the opinion that the "it's a person's different voice on the soundtrack release" is some urban legend. It sounds exactly like the voice singing The Sword of Damocles and the mono version of Rose Tint My World. There is a lot of reverb on it, and yes, the verse is performed very differently. But the voice itself sounds the same to me. Susan Sarandon performer her verse differently in the same song. Patricia Quinn performs her verse of The Time Warp radically differently (much more sung on the sountrack, rather than the sing-speaking in the film). But I think with the Rocky voice as with Sarandon and Quinn, we are hearing the same performer in both cases.

There are weird false Rocky legends that pop up, which is why I don't quite buy this. Here are three more: 1) Shock Treatment never opened as a regular feature, it went directly to midnight. Wrong. It played here in Houston, Tx as a regular feature It played, for one, at the Town and Country 6. There were t.v. and print ads for it. If someone wants to check through old newspaper records, feel free. I know it was running, because I was planning to go to an afternoon screening, then I made the disastrous choice to see Saturday the 14th, which was playing at the same theater at the same time, instead (to be fair, this was two years before I saw Rocky itself, and I was only 12). Maybe the release was very limited, but it was released as a regular feature, first. 2)The prints with Superheroes that play at midnight always used the stereo remix. Wrong. When the VHS was released, and the prints in theaters were swapped out for ones featuring Superheroes, at least one of them was a mono print, because we got a mono print at the Bel-Air in Houston. I was told by someone who attended the big screening party at Fox right before the VHS release that the movie was screened there with a stereo print, but that the sound quality was so bad, the decision to send stereo prints out was junked. That mono print lasted for many years after that, even after the movie switched to the River Oaks. I was sick of the midnight phenomenon at that point, but would go occasionally just to hear the correct soundtrack again (and I'm obsessive enough about the mono track that I wouldn't have mistaken one for the other). Sometime in the mid-to-late 90's that print was swapped out for a stereo print, I couldn't say when exactly. 3) Henry Woolf, the shorter male Transylvanian with the fez isn't in the Time Warp. Theoretically, he didn't join the shooting until after that number was performed, and an obviously different, very tall actor stands in for him. Nope. Woolf can be seen very clearly--at times. He is, after all, shorter. He's best noticed when the Transylvanians are that one diagonal line across the ballroom. There just happens to be a tall Transylvanian with a fez among the cast as well.

Author:  autoamerican [ Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

You are right about a few things here.

Shock Treatment WAS released at regular matinees and times before midnight.
Super Heroes was NEVER stereo until the new Stereo Prints were struck in 1990.
This was the "reasoning" it was left off the home video release. Supposedly.
All new prints after 1990 were mostly stereo prints.

My theater had playing the 16mm mono print for a while before we got a mono super heroes print.

Rocky's singing voice on the soundtrack (the one that Peter Hinwood mimed to) was sung by an unknown session singer at the studio. FOX then got Trevor White to dub his voice OVER the voice Peter Hinwood is miming to. Thus he sang along to Peter Hinwood's lip sync. Trevor White is only on the film. The uncredited singer is Rocky's voice on Rose Tints and Sword of Damocles. Maybe even the "Creature of the Night" part in Touch Me as well.

Read 'From Concept To Cult'. It backs up the whole thing. This isn't an urban legend.

Author:  joevitus1 [ Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocky's SInging Voice

I've read From Concept to Cult, which is okay but not great, and entirely relies on the memories of its interview subjects. There seems to be zero fact checking. I think the information about the soundtrack is inaccurate, but all I can say to support that is, though the performance is clearly different for the one in the movie, it sounds like the same performer doing a different take on the lines, not a different singer, just like Magenta's verse of The Time Warp.

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