The Musical World of Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" and "reset" buttons are at the bottom.

This is intended to test both the depth AND breadth of your Rocky Horror experiences, so please do not complain if you were involved for many years and yet still have a relatively high score. Just take it as a hint of what other areas of fandom you still have yet to explore...;-) Good luck...

Seeing the movie

  1. Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? (on video or wherever)
  2. Have you seen Rocky Horror on broadcast TV? (like Fox, VH2, or Comedy Central)
  3. Have you seen Rocky Horror on video?
  4. -- On a video with Superheroes? (like the Japanese subtitled version)
  5. Have you seen Rocky Horror on laserdisc?
  6. Have you ever been to Rocky Horror at a theatre?
  7. -- More than 5 times?
  8. -- More than 10 times?
  9. -- More than 50 times?
  10. -- More than 100 times?
  11. -- More than 250 times?
  12. -- More than 500 times?
  13. -- More than 1000 times? (yes, some people have!)
  14. Have you been to Rocky Horror in more than one different theatre?
  15. -- More than three theatres?
  16. -- More than ten theatres?
  17. Have you been to Rocky Horror in more than one different state?
  18. -- More than three states?
  19. Have you been to Rocky Horror in more than one different country?
  20. Have you seen the original Rocky Horror trailer in a theatre? (You've never seen anything like...)
  21. Have you seen a MONO Superheroes print of Rocky Horror? (These are very rare in the U.S.)
  22. Have you seen a Rocky Horror print with the Once in a While footage somehow spliced in?
  23. Have you brought more than three people to Rocky as virgins?
  24. -- More than ten?
  25. Have you taken either of your parents to Rocky?
  26. Have you tried to explain what Rocky is to your parents?
  27. Have you gone to Rocky drunk?
  28. Have you gone to Rocky stoned?
  29. Have you gone to Rocky on acid?
  30. Have you gotten sick at Rocky? (thrown up)


  31. Have you considered yourself a 'Rocky junkie'?
  32. Have you stayed up for more than 48 hours without sleep during a Rocky weekend?
  33. Have you felt guilty for going to something other than Rocky on a weekend night?
  34. Have you been disowned by family and/or friends because of Rocky?
  35. Have you been kicked out of your home or apartment because of something Rocky related?
  36. Have you told yourself at Rocky "I need to get a life"?
  37. Have you told everyone else at Rocky "I need to get a life"?
  38. Have you ever been 'burned out' on Rocky?
  39. Have you said you would leave Rocky forever?
  40. -- And come back?
  41. -- The next week?
  42. -- Within a month?
  43. Have you gone to Rocky but sat out in the lobby or parking lot during the entire show?
  44. Have you watched a movie or TV show just because one of the Rocky actors was in it?
  45. Have you met any of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show actors?
  46. Are you a member of The Official Rocky Horror Fan Club?
  47. -- Do you carry your membership card in your wallet or purse?
  48. -- Are you a fan representative for your cast or city?
  49. Have you met Sal Piro?

    Audience Partic-i-pation

  50. Have you created your own 'AP line'?
  51. -- And have people laugh at it?
  52. -- Hear someone else yell it at a later date?
  53. -- Hear someone else yell it in a different city?
  54. Has an audience member asked you to be quiet since they're trying to watch a movie?
  55. Has an audience member complained to management that you were being 'loud and obnoxious'?
  56. Have you been booed by the audience because of a particularly rude line?
  57. Have you been physically assaulted by an audience member because of a line?
  58. Has a cast member threatened you for yelling a particular line? (e.g. " a homesick abortion")
  59. Have you yelled Rocky-type lines in a theatre during a 'normal' movie?
  60. Have you sung any 'Monty Python' song at Rocky?

    Performing with the movie

  61. Have you ever performed as part of a 'cast'?
  62. -- More than once?
  63. -- More than 5 times?
  64. -- More than 25 times?
  65. -- More than 100 times?
  66. -- More than 250 times?
  67. Have either of your parents seen you perform?
  68. Have either of your parents shown up at Rocky without you knowing about it?
  69. Have you played more than one part in a cast? (at least once)
  70. -- More than three?
  71. -- All of them?
  72. Have you played more than one part in full during a single performance? (like Eddie and Dr. Scott)
  73. Have you been asked to play a part at the last second?
  74. -- A part you had never played before? (A 'throw-in')
  75. -- And been praised for your performance?
  76. Have you performed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  77. -- And no one noticed?
  78. Have you accidentally injured yourself while performing? (sprained ankles, broken bones, etc.)
  79. Have you performed while pregnant or injured?
  80. Have you accidentally 'fallen out' while performing?
  81. -- And been complimented afterwards?
  82. Have you purposely flashed the audience while performing?
  83. Have you taken a 'Road Trip' with other cast members to perform Rocky in another city?
  84. -- In another state?
  85. -- At a national convention? (like 20th, Albany, Las Vegas, etc.)

    Cast relations

  86. Have you joined a cast just because you were tired of paying for the ticket?
  87. Have you been on a cast for more than a month?
  88. -- More than a year?
  89. -- More than five years?
  90. -- More than ten years?
  91. Have you been an officer in a cast's 'government'? (advisor, assistant director, treasurer, etc.)
  92. Have you been a cast director?
  93. -- And been 'de-throned'?
  94. Have you done something totally unrelated to Rocky with most or all of the Rocky group?
  95. -- During daylight hours?
  96. Have you been to a Sci-Fi or gaming convention with other cast members?
  97. Have you dated a cast member for more than three months?
  98. -- More than a year?
  99. -- And was faithful?
  100. Have you been married to a cast member?
  101. -- Did you get married AT Rocky?
  102. -- And since gotten divorced?
  103. Have you taken a 'regular' Purity Test with other cast members?
  104. -- And had the lowest score?
  105. -- The highest?
  106. Have you taken The Rocky Horror Purity Test as part of a cast function?
  107. Have you been involved in a 'Truth or Dare' game with other cast members?
  108. Have you been involved in 'Strip Poker' or other stripping game with other cast members?
  109. -- And lost?
  110. Have you watched a porno with other cast members?
  111. -- And had it lead to something?


  112. Have you ever picked someone up at Rocky?
  113. Have you been picked up by someone at Rocky?
  114. Have you been propositioned by someone you met at Rocky?
  115. -- And gone through with it?
  116. Have you ever had sex with someone you met at Rocky?
  117. -- More than three different people?
  118. -- More than ten different people?
  119. Did you lose your virginity to someone you met at Rocky?
  120. Have you de-flowered someone you met at Rocky?
  121. Have you been hit on by your non-preferred gender at Rocky?
  122. -- And yet have it lead to something?
  123. Did you change your feelings about your sexual orientation because of Rocky?
  124. Have you been called a 'fag' or 'dyke' at Rocky? (with malice)
  125. Have you necked/petted during Rocky?
  126. Have you had oral sex during Rocky? (either giving or receiving)
  127. Have you had sex during Rocky? (FUCK the back row!)
  128. Have you actually done something real during one of the bedroom scenes?
  129. Have you ever had sex with a 'cast member'?
  130. -- More than three?
  131. -- More than ten?
  132. Have you gotten involved with a cast just for sex?
  133. Have you propositioned someone just because they'd make a good cast member?
  134. Have you ever had sex with more than one cast member at once?
  135. -- More than two at once?
  136. -- Been involved in a cast orgy?
  137. Have you seen 'The Rocky Porno Video Show'?
  138. -- With other cast members?
  139. -- And had it lead to something?
  140. Have you been considered the 'cast slut'?
  141. Have you had sex with the 'cast slut'?
  142. Have you gotten a STD from a cast member?
  143. Have you given a STD to a cast member?

    Bringing Rocky to the masses

  144. Have you been rudely insulted because of your Rocky attire?
  145. -- Been praised by 'normals' because of it?
  146. -- Been physically assaulted because of it?
  147. Have you gone into a convenience store while wearing your Rocky makeup and costume?
  148. -- And gotten compliments from the clerk?
  149. Have you been pulled over by a police officer while wearing your Rocky makeup and costume?


  150. Do you have the full costume for more than one Rocky character?
  151. -- More than three?
  152. -- All of them?
  153. Do you own the officially released 15th Anniversary RHPS video?
  154. Do you own a bootleg video of RHPS? (like the Japanese subtitled version)
  155. Do you own the 20th Anniversary RHPS laserdisc?
  156. Do you own a Rocky Horror related book?
  157. -- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book by Bill Henkin?
  158. -- The Official RHPS Audience Par-tic-i-pation Guide by Sal Piro and Michael Hess?
  159. -- Creatures of the Night by Sal Piro? (either the original or Creatures of the Night II)
  160. Do you own any of the Rocky Horror comic books?
  161. Do you own any Rocky Horror t-shirts?
  162. -- Posters?
  163. -- Buttons?
  164. -- Bumper stickers?
  165. -- Trading cards?
  166. -- Fanzines?
  167. Do you own any Rocky Horror recordings on vinyl?
  168. -- Audio tape?
  169. -- Compact disc?
  170. Do you own any Rocky Horror boxed sets?
  171. -- The 15th Anniversary boxed set?
  172. Do you own any Rocky Horror picture discs? (either vinyl or CD)
  173. Do you own the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack?
  174. Do you own the Audience Partic-i-pation album?
  175. Do you own any Rocky Horror Show cast albums?
  176. -- The original London cast?
  177. -- The original Roxy cast?
  178. -- Any non-English cast? (Mexican, Norwegian, German, Finnish, etc.)
  179. Do you own any Tim Curry albums?
  180. Do you own any Meatloaf albums?
  181. -- Bat Out Of Hell?
  182. Do you own any Little Nell singles?

    Shock Treatment

  183. Have you ever seen Shock Treatment?
  184. -- More than 3 times?
  185. -- More than 10 times?
  186. -- More than 25 times?
  187. -- More than you have Rocky Horror?
  188. Have you seen Shock Treatment with other cast members? (on video or laserdisc)
  189. Have you been to Shock Treatment at a theatre?
  190. Have you seen a 'Shocky Horror' double feature?
  191. Have you been part of a Shock Treatment cast or performance?
  192. Are you a member of The Official Shock Treatment Fan Club?
  193. Do you know the words to any Shock Treatment song by heart?
  194. -- All of them?
  195. Do you have the full costume for any of the Shock Treatment characters?
  196. Have you met any of the Shock Treatment actors?
  197. Do you own the Shock Treatment video?
  198. Do you own the Shock Treatment soundtrack?
  199. Do you own the Shock Treatment Japanese laserdisc? (with subtitles)


    If your cast does not go to Denny's after Rocky, then just imagine "Denny's" as being replaced with "Jim's", "House of Pies", "Waffle House", or wherever your cast usually goes after Rocky in each of the following questions.

  200. Do you know more than half of the Denny's menu by heart?
  201. -- All of it?
  202. Do you not even look at the menu anymore?
  203. Do you know all of the waitpersons' names?
  204. Do any of the waitpeople know your name?
  205. Have you skipped Rocky but still gone to Denny's afterwards?
  206. Have you gone to Denny's with other cast members during the week?
  207. Have you gone to Denny's by yourself during the week, hoping to run into other cast members?
  208. Have you stayed at Denny's after Rocky past sunrise?
  209. Have you sat at Denny's for more than three straight hours?
  210. -- More than six hours?
  211. -- More than twelve hours?
  212. Have you gotten sick from Denny's food?
  213. Have you 'forgotten' to pay your bill at Denny's?
  214. -- Then gone back the next week and done the same thing?
  215. Have you made the 'normals' mistakenly seated in your section feel welcome?
  216. Have you participated in a deep-throat contest on ketchup bottles?
  217. Have you done the spoon on your nose trick at Denny's?
  218. Have you done a floor show at Denny's?
  219. Have you been involved in a sugar packet fight at Denny's?
  220. -- And hit your waitperson?
  221. Have you been involved in a coffee cream fight at Denny's?
  222. Have you been thrown out of Denny's?
  223. Have you been thrown out of other 24-hour diners?
  224. Have you been thrown out of EVERY 24-hour diner in your area?

    The play's the thing

  225. Have you ever seen a live stage production of The Rocky Horror Show?
  226. -- More than 3 times?
  227. -- More than 10 times?
  228. -- More than 25 times?
  229. Have you performed in a live stage production of The Rocky Horror Show?
  230. Have you yelled callbacks during a live stage production of The Rocky Horror Show?

Version History

The original I found floating out on the Internet had Rod Rombauer and Janel Adair's names attached to it. According to Jim Howard (, it was originally created in mid to late 1992. Apparently Rod Rombauer ran the very popular "Time Warp" BBS in Atlanta, Georgia. He had posted a 500 question purity test on his BBS that was extremely popular. So he and Janel decided to write a Rocky Horror version. Many members of the BBS as well as his local RHPS cast helped to write the original test. There was a Waffle House right next to their theater at the time, and so there were a bunch of questions centered around it. Many other questions were of course taken from other experiences of the local performing cast (e.g. the STD question...:-). The "Time Warp" BBS lasted all the way through the end of 1997, when Rod finally took it down as yet another victim of the Internet. Many thanks to everyone who helped create this classic! 161 questions.

I found it in late 1995, and couldn't resist changing a few things. I corrected spelling, fixed grammar, and just generally updated the whole thing. I also replaced all the Waffle House references with Denny's references. What can I say, I'm biased. I also got rid of the Waffle House specific questions in the process. From what I've seen and from what I've heard on the newsgroup, Denny's appears to be THE universal after-Rocky spot. For a good example of this obsession gone a wee bit too far, check out J. Alan's insane Project: Denny's page. Anyway, I posted this revised test on the alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror newsgroup at some point and it made its way to a few FTP archives. 185 questions.

In May 1996, I began HTMLizing it for the my local cast web page. I also found the wonderful Purity Tests server, which allowed me to add automagical scoring of the test. Many thanks to them for providing this service. As far as actual updating of the test goes, I organized the questions into some sub-sections, added a bunch of brand new questions, and also deleted a few of the old questions. Finally, I got rid of all the silly "Have you ever slept with" euphemisms and replaced them with "Have you ever had sex with". I personally have slept with a LOT more cast members than I've actually had sex with...:-> 230 questions.

- Shawn McHorse