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This album was originally released on LP by Talent in Norway in 1977. It was available only on (very scarce) vinyl for almost two decades, before a dedicated fan produced this limited edition bootleg CD-R in 1996. An official CD reissue would not come until 2002 (twenty five years after the original recording!), from Universal Music AS.

This bootleg was a limited edition pressing of thirty five CDs. All tracks from the LP are included here with one difference, in that "Fra først av kunne alt gå an" (Floor Show) was split up into three tracks. Some bonus "Time Warped" tracks were also added to fill out the CD (since at the time it was made, mastering a CD was quite an expensive proposition). The bonus tracks are various rare versions of The Time Warp by Just Us Girls, Damian, Aidan Bell, and the 1995 Finnish Rocky Horror Show cast. For more information, refer to the overall album notes.

USA ©1996
Bootleg CD reissue. Bonus "Time Warped" material.

Total running time: 66:20

  1. Science fiction/Dobbeltforestilling (Science Fiction/Double Feature) (2:55) - Magenta
  2. Bryllupsangen (Dammit Janet) (2:08) - Jan og Janne
  3. Alltid lys hos Frankenstein (Over At The Frankenstein Place) (2:46) - Jan og Janne
  4. En hip transvestitt (Sweet Transvestite) (3:02) - Frank
  5. Tiden blir skrudd (Time Warp) (3:19) - Magenta, Columbia, Riff-Raff, Fortelleren
  6. Damoklessverdet (Sword Of Damocles) (2:57) - Rocky
  7. Muskelmann-sangen (Charles Atlas Song) (1:57) - Frank
  8. Eddies Sang (Hot Patootie) (1:57) - Eddie
  9. Muskelmann-sangen [reprise] (Charles Atlas Song [reprise]) (1:20) - Frank
  10. Ta meg, ta meg (Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me) (2:19) - Janne
  11. Det hender iblant (Once In A While) (2:35) - Jan
  12. Eddies Teddy (2:58) - Dr. Scott
  13. Planet-manet (Planet Schmanet, Janet) (2:52) - Frank
  14. (Floor Show) (2:16) - Ensemblet
  15. (Don't Dream It) (2:16) - Ensemblet
  16. (Wild And Untamed Thing) (1:31) - Ensemblet
  17. Jeg vil hjem (I'm Going Home) (2:14) - Frank og ensemblet
  18. Super-helter (Super Heroes) (2:09) - Ensemblet
  19. Science Fiction (reprise) (0:59) - Magenta
  20. Time Warp (short version) by Just Us Girls (3:40) - 246 kbps MP3 or 24.2 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. From Time Warp 7" Single (1979).
  21. Time Warp (Original Version) by Damian (4:31) - 300 kbps MP3 or 31.1 MB lossless FLAC sound files available.
  22. Time Warp II (Brand New Extended Version) by Damian (6:12) - 288 kbps MP3 or 46.5 MB lossless FLAC sound files available.
  23. Intro + Time Warp by Aidan Bell (4:09) - 258 kbps MP3 or 28.4 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. From Timewarp CD (1994).
  24. Aikahyppy (Time Warp) by 1995 Finnish Cast (3:14) - 248 kbps MP3 or 23.6 MB lossless FLAC sound files available. From The Rocky Horror Show (Finnish Cast) CD (1995).

Missing songs: NONE!

Rocky Horror Show, 1977 Norsk Versjon Bootleg CD-R (Front Cover)
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Rocky Horror Show, 1977 Norsk Versjon Bootleg CD-R (Back Cover)
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The Rocky Horror Show -- Norsk Versjon (it is spelled with a "jon" instead of an "ion") is arguably the best cast album in existence. Released in 1977, it is the first cast album to include ALL of the songs from the Richard O'Brien play, and one of only 4 overall (the Sing It, Whole Gory Story and 1995 Finnish Cast albums are the other three). This album also contains one of the best versions ever of any Rocky song - Sweet Transvestite with is pulsating beat, throbbing synthesizers and fantastic singing elevates it to the top of Rocky's best. The entire album is interesting. This portion of the CD is taken from a very good condition vinyl record with minimum crackling and pops, and absolutely no skips. The Rose Tint My World sections have been divided, and play without any spacing in between tracks. Like most of the tracks on this set, it has never been released legitimately on CD. The record was released on Talent Records 3032.

The Just Us Girls version of Time Warp is a cute little novelty record and not much more. Released in the late 1970's on Epic/Cleveland International it is almost entirely instrumental save for some shouting and the phrase "Let's do the Time Warp again". It's basically the Entertainment Tonight theme meets Time Warp. While I had access to the longer version (which, sonically, came from a better source) it basically is more of the same with some non Rocky music inserted. Source: 1st generation cassette from 45.

Damian has released MANY versions of Time Warp/Time Warp II, particularly on the Zomba/Jive labels. Sadly, I am not exactly sure which versions these are, however the first is definitely an original version of Time Warp (I believe it to be the 'Original 7" Mix') and was the best and simplest of the mixes that I heard - it comes closest to the raw-sounding original R O'B tune. I also included one of the shorter Time Warp II versions. Part of the reason for the "shorter" selection was the running time of the CD - we needed some breathing room. Source: 1st generation cassette from 12".

The Aidan Bell is Austrian (sung in English) and released on CD in the mid-90's but now is hard to get. He sings (and well) in a wide variety of voices and has a great time with the material. I think this track is more noteworthy for its energy rather than its quality (which is rather good). Source is from CD.

The Finnish Cast is one of THE best cast albums around (like the Norwegian) and contains the BEST version of Time Warp I have heard. Only the Roxy and Film cast versions come close to this one. Is it me or does Riff sound like Buster Poindexter? And yes, that is Audience Participation you hear at the beginning of the song. Source: 1st generation cassette from CD. CD is on Poko Records 666.

Tekst og musikk av RICHARD O'BRIEN

Oversatt av Johan Fillinger og Ole Paus
Innspilt i TALENT STUDIO, Oslo 24. og 25. oktober 1977
Lydtekniker: Svein Engebretsen
Produsent: Arve Sigvaldsen


Jan: Ivar Nørve
Janne: Kari Ann Grønsund
Frank: Knut Husebø
Magenta: Gro Anita Schønn
Columbia: Julie Ege
Eddie: Per Elvis Granberg
Dr. Scott: Egil Åsman
Fortelleren: Bjarne Bø
Rocky: Zakhir Helge Linaae
Riff-Raff: Jahn Teigen

KOR: Ellen Waaler, Gudny Aspaas, Else Gro Waaland, Øystein Selenius, Per Age Myrdal, Jan Teigen.


Orkesterleder og tangentinstrumenter: Magne Amdahl.
Gitar: Kalle Helgesen.
Gitar: Freddy Lindquist.
Bass: Bjørn Jacobsen.
Trommer: Svein Erik Gaardvik.
Saksofon: Jan Thoresen.

Foto: Arve Ringen.