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For the 15th Anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1990, 20th Century Fox went all-out with a convention in Los Angeles, California to promote the release of the movie on video tape. Sal Piro was on hand as usual, along with most of the major stars from the movie: Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, Barry Bostwick, and even Meat Loaf.

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15th Anniversary (Barry Bostwick)15th Anniversary (Barry Bostwick) - 36 seconds (572x360, 30 fps, 4.1 MB). "Now what I want to know is, how many people out here actually play Brad Majors? ... Two percent, right? Two percent. What is he, boring?" Can also spot Sal Piro and Richard O'Brien on the stage with Barry Bostwick.
15th Anniversary (Little Nell Dancing)15th Anniversary (Little Nell Dancing) - 28 seconds (540x414, 30 fps, 3.1 MB). During a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 15th Anniversary Convention, Little Nell busts out with a tap dance (following along behind the shadowcast's Columbia).
15th Anniversary (Tim Curry)15th Anniversary (Tim Curry) - 1 minute 1 second (572x360, 30 fps, 6.8 MB). "It's so comforting to know there are so many people in this world sicker than I am. I think I'm the only person here tonight who doesn't look like me." Introduced by Richard O'Brien, Tim Curry makes his appearance on stage at the 15th Anniversary Convention. Can also see Sal Piro, Patricia Quinn, and Barry Bostwick in the background.
Hot Patootie (15th Anniversary Convention) by Meat LoafHot Patootie (15th Anniversary Convention) by Meat Loaf - 28 seconds (540x414, 30 fps, 3.2 MB). Meat Loaf sings Hot Patootie live at the 15th Anniversary Convention, while Little Nell dances and gyrates on him. Patricia Quinn is dancing around a bit at the beginning of the clip, and you can also spot Richard O'Brien on the stage.

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15th Anniversary Convention (Richard O'Brien with guitar)
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15th Anniversary Convention (Tim Curry)
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15th Anniversary Convention (Meat Loaf and Little Nell)
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15th Anniversary Convention (Patricia Quinn)
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15th Anniversary Convention (Little Nell)
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15th Anniversary Convention (Meat Loaf)
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Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Collection (Front Cover)
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Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Collection (Back Cover)
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