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A Regular Frankie Fan is a 2001 documentary film covering the unique Rocky Horror Picture Show audience participation phenomenon, with footage from shows and cast member interviews. It was created by Scott Mabbutt (director, writer, producer, and editor), and actor/songwriter Paul Williams narrates. Several shadowcasts are included in the film, though Midnight Insanity of Long Beach, California receives particular attention. The DVD also includes some additional footage of Bob Simon and other attendees at the 2001 Frankie Goes To Hollywood convention, presented by M.I. in Hollywood, California. The full list of shadowcasts featured: DVD Review: What Trekkies was to Star Trek fans, so this affectionate documentary is to devotees of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which after 25 years is still the mother of all midnight movies. As narrator Paul Williams notes, attending a screening of Rocky Horror is "a multigenerational rite of passage". Meet the freaks and geeks who attend each weekend and dress up and cavort as their favorite characters. Technically unpolished (the vertical image compression takes some getting used to), this heartfelt labor of love will be "absolute pleasure" for those who, for at least a few hours each week, live out Rocky Horror's subversive and seductive siren song, "Don't dream it, be it." --Donald Liebenson

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A Regular Frankie Fan (Green Band Widescreen Trailer)A Regular Frankie Fan (Green Band Widescreen Trailer) - 1 minute 34 seconds (720x308, 30 fps, 10.5 MB). Edits out the breast flashing present in the other trailers, for this 2000 documentary.
A Regular Frankie Fan (Red Band Trailer)A Regular Frankie Fan (Red Band Trailer) - 1 minute 24 seconds (628x360, 30 fps, 9.4 MB). Includes a shot of breast flashing, and a different voiceover from the other trailers for this 2000 documentary.
A Regular Frankie Fan (Stephen Hawking Trailer)A Regular Frankie Fan (Stephen Hawking Trailer) - 1 minute 49 seconds (628x360, 30 fps, 12.2 MB). This trailer for the 2000 documentary starts off with a voiceover by (an imitation) Professor Stephen Hawking with a series of still photos at the beginning, and includes the obligatory tit shot later on. Also features the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover version of "Science Fiction Double Feature".
Sweet Transvestite (Live) by ThrottlebodySweet Transvestite (Live) by Throttlebody - 2 minutes 49 seconds (634x360, 30 fps, 18.9 MB). Throttlebody performs this live rendition of Sweet Transvestite for the 2000 Rocky Horror fan documentary A Regular Frankie Fan. This video is also played during the closing credits of the film.

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