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Rocky Horror Treatment (1981)Rocky Horror Treatment (1981) - 22 minutes 38 seconds (540x416, 30 fps, 151.7 MB). "And now, after six years, they've taken the hero and heroine of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and put them in a brand new movie. It's called Shock Treatment!" This promotional documentary hosted by fan club president Sal Piro was aired on late night television. It follows the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult phenomenon through Sal's trip behind the scenes in England during the filming of Shock Treatment. Interview subjects include Richard O'Brien, Little Nell, Christopher Malcolm (generally in character as Vance Parker), Michael White, Patricia Quinn, and Rik Mayall.
Shock Treatment (International Trailer)Shock Treatment (International Trailer) - 2 minutes 20 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 15.6 MB). Basically identical to the theatrical trailer, except the sound is mono and it loses the cool/creepy bits by Richard O'Brien as Dr. Cosmo McKinley.
Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer)Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 37 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 17.5 MB). "Hello, I'm Dr. Cosmo McKinley. I'd like to tell you about a new film from the gang that gave you The Rocky Horror Show... Shock Treatment." "You'll be pathetically crazy about Shock Treatment. Trust me... I'm a doctor."

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Rocky Horror Show - 1994 Argentinian Cast     [ All sound files contributed by James Norman ]

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Shock Treatment (Denton, U.S.A.)
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Shock Treatment (Denton, U.S.A.)
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Shock Treatment (Denton, U.S.A.)
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Shock Treatment Credits (Chris Malcolm as Vance Parker)
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