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Dark City (Apprehending John Murdoch)Dark City (Apprehending John Murdoch) - 1 minute (720x304, 24 fps, 6.7 MB). Richard O'Brien as Mr. Hand attempts to apprehend John Murdoch (played by Rufus Sewell), in this 1998 film. "So it seems you've discovered your unpleasant nature." "Sleep... now."
Dark City (Imprinting Mr. Hand)Dark City (Imprinting Mr. Hand) - 2 minutes 4 seconds (720x304, 24 fps, 13.8 MB). Richard O'Brien as Mr. Hand is imprinted with the memories of John Murdoch, in this 1998 film. "Oh yes, Mr. Book. I have John Murdoch... in mind."
Dark City (Theatrical Trailer)Dark City (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 21 seconds (720x306, 24 fps, 15.8 MB). "From the dark side of the imagination... a world where the night never ends... where man has no past... and humanity has no future." Richard O'Brien is featured as Mr. Hand in this 1998 film.