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Rocky Horror Uniondale Mini Cinema Event (1979)Rocky Horror Uniondale Mini Cinema Event (1979) - 9 minutes 18 seconds (320x240, 29 fps, 21.5 MB). The Rocky Horror Picture Show performers Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, and Jonathan Adams visit a performance at the Uniondale Mini Cinema in Long Island, in advance of fan convention RockyCon One in October 1979. Fan club president Sal Piro and performer Dori Hartley are also interviewed. Footage by Joe Marzano and Mike Russo.
Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow" Show (1979)Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow" Show (1979) - 7 minutes 29 seconds (540x418, 30 fps, 50.1 MB). Tom Snyder presents a segment on the Rocky Horror Picture Show phenomenon. Includes interviews with fan club president Sal Piro, Dori Hartley, Mark Hopper and Steve Hirsch of the 8th Street Playhouse in New York City, and Ashley Boone Jr. of 20th Century Fox. Keep an eye out for Sal Piro performing as Janet!
Paradise Garage by Tim CurryParadise Garage by Tim Curry - 3 minutes 59 seconds (320x240, 30 fps, 9.5 MB). Tim Curry's Paradise Garage is a fairly well known song from his rather short career as a solo artist. Only I Do The Rock, also from the 1979 Fearless album, was more popular as a single. This music video was made for MTV, but was often played before midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well.

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