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Paradise Garage by Tim CurryParadise Garage by Tim Curry - 3 minutes 59 seconds (320x240, 30 fps, 9.5 MB). Tim Curry's Paradise Garage is a fairly well known song from his rather short career as a solo artist. Only I Do The Rock, also from the 1979 Fearless album, was more popular as a single. This music video was made for MTV, but was often played before midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well.

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Tim Curry - Live At The Bottom Line (1979-07-26)

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Tim Curry - Fearless (1979)

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Tim Curry "Fearless" LP (Inner Sleeve Back)
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Tim Curry "I Do The Rock" 12" Single (Back Cover)
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Tim Curry "Fearless" LP (Disc Label Side Two)
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Tim Curry "I Do The Rock" 12" Single (Disc Label Side Two)
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