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The Revenge of the Old Queen (also known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show II) was an un-filmed sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show written by Richard O'Brien, with music by Richard Hartley. A rough draft script was written in the late 1980s, songs were composed, and a demo tape was recorded for two of the songs ("The Moon Drenched Shores of Transylvania" and "Never Let Your Daughter Date An Alien"). Zalie Burrow and Kate O'Sullivan mentioned at the Transylvania 1992 convention that they had recorded backing vocals for this demo tape. The film was never greenlighted by 20th Century Fox though, and the project was put (permanently) on hold. According to Richard O'Brien:

"...I liked The Revenge of the Old Queen as a plot line. I think it was very good, but we had a problem there with Joe Roth. Not that Joe was the problem, but he commissioned it and then he left Fox and went to Disney. And of course it wasn't greenlighted and the incoming new head of Fox went "I'm not taking on other people's projects. I've got my own projects." Which always happens. If we'd got the green light... if we'd got to the stage where we got the green light from Joe we would've moved with that, but things change. The head of Fox changed and we got lost in that shuffle."

And that was that. There has been talk of other sequels over the years (e.g. Rocky Horror: The Second Coming), but none has ever been produced to date.

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