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Sebastiane (Emperor's Gathering)Sebastiane (Emperor's Gathering) - 1 minute 48 seconds (540x407, 25 fps, 12.1 MB). Derek Jarman's first feature film in 1976 includes this one scene where Rocky Horror Picture Show alumni Peter Hinwood (in what turned out to be his final screen appearance), Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell all turn up in cameo roles as guests of the Emperor. Patricia Quinn is seen talking animatedly to another guest. Peter Hinwood looks remarkably identical in appearance to his role as Rocky Horror, lounging around and stroking the thigh of punk icon Jordan (playing prostitute Mammea Morgana). Little Nell is much more difficult to spot, as is the cameo by Andrew Logan. Sebastiane is well known for its relentless homoeroticism and male nudity, as well as the Latin language dialogue. Little Nell and Jordan would both go on to be featured in Derek Jarman's next feature film, Jubilee.