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Spice Girls: 3 videos

Spice World (Damien Epiphany)Spice World (Damien Epiphany) - 59 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 6.6 MB). Richard O'Brien plays Damien (the tabloid photographer) in this 1997 film. Here he is caught with his camera by The Spice Girls at the hospital, precipitating a chase, bumping his head, and an epiphany. "Oh do you know what, girls? You've made me realize I've been living a meaningless lie."
Spice World (Damien In The Toilet)Spice World (Damien In The Toilet) - 41 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 4.5 MB). In a memorable scene from this 1997 film, Richard O'Brien as Damien (the tabloid photographer) actually crawls up out of a toilet at night in the house occupied by The Spice Girls.
Spice World (Theatrical Trailer)Spice World (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 13 seconds (540x412, 30 fps, 14.9 MB). "When the world is in trouble, when our future is in danger, we call upon one man... but when he's busy, he calls five girls." Richard O'Brien appears in this 1997 film as Damien, the tabloid photographer. Can also spot Barry Humphries as the tabloid editor, Kevin McMaxford.