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Little Nell - Film Clips: 3 videos

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (French Strippers)Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (French Strippers) - 1 minute 58 seconds (720x316, 25 fps, 13.2 MB). Little Nell as Nerida Brealey (Australian sheila turned stripper in France) chats with Barry McKenzie while being whipped on stage in the "cultural show". This was Little Nell's first film role, in 1974. Includes English language subtitles, for the Australian dialect impaired...:-)
Lisztomania (Caught By The Pope)Lisztomania (Caught By The Pope) - 3 minutes 36 seconds (598x240, 30 fps, 24.2 MB). Little Nell as Olga Janine lounges around topless in bed for most of a confrontational scene between Franz Liszt (played by Roger Daltrey of The Who) and The Pope (played by Ringo Starr of The Beatles), in this 1975 film. "Get back into your nun's fancy dress and go back to the Ukraine, MISTER Janine!"
Summer of Secrets (Kym Bathes)Summer of Secrets (Kym Bathes) - 41 seconds (540x402, 30 fps, 4.5 MB). Rocky Horror Picture Show director Jim Sharman directs this 1976 film, co-starring Little Nell as Kym. Naturally she ends up topless for a bathing scene with Doctor Beverley Adams (played by Arthur Dignam).