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Richard O'Brien - Film Clips: 11 videos

Dark City (Apprehending John Murdoch)Dark City (Apprehending John Murdoch) - 1 minute (720x304, 24 fps, 6.7 MB). Richard O'Brien as Mr. Hand attempts to apprehend John Murdoch (played by Rufus Sewell), in this 1998 film. "So it seems you've discovered your unpleasant nature." "Sleep... now."
Dark City (Imprinting Mr. Hand)Dark City (Imprinting Mr. Hand) - 2 minutes 4 seconds (720x304, 24 fps, 13.8 MB). Richard O'Brien as Mr. Hand is imprinted with the memories of John Murdoch, in this 1998 film. "Oh yes, Mr. Book. I have John Murdoch... in mind."
Elvira's Haunted Hills (Flashback)Elvira's Haunted Hills (Flashback) - 1 minute 6 seconds (540x398, 30 fps, 7.4 MB). Richard O'Brien in the role of Lord Vladimere Hellsubus flashes back to earlier life with the Lady Elura (played by Elvira), in this 2001 film. Includes an absolutely hilarious segment where he's trying to cheer up Lady Elura at her bedside.
Elvira's Haunted Hills (Making Of - Casting Richard O'Brien)Elvira's Haunted Hills (Making Of - Casting Richard O'Brien) - 1 minute 9 seconds (540x412, 30 fps, 7.8 MB). Elvira talks about how Richard O'Brien was cast as Lord Vladimere Hellsubus for this 2001 film. Apparently Richard Chamberlain was the first choice but he had to back out shortly before shooting began in favor of an actual paying job. Richard O'Brien on the other hand was available quickly and wasn't concerned about the pay, if it meant playing a fabulous horror character.
Flash Gordon (Fico Plays Pipes)Flash Gordon (Fico Plays Pipes) - 33 seconds (720x304, 24 fps, 3.6 MB). Richard O'Brien plays the pipes as Fico, a Tree Man, in this 1980 film. "That damn woman's using me again!" "Well what do you expect of Ming's daughter? Never understood what you see in her." "Keep playing your bloody pipes, fool."
Night Train (Mrs. Froy Encounter)Night Train (Mrs. Froy Encounter) - 1 minute 25 seconds (636x360, 30 fps, 9.5 MB). Richard O'Brien plays a cross-dressing role as Mrs. Froy in this 2009 film.
Spice World (Credits)Spice World (Credits) - 30 seconds (504x274, 30 fps, 3.4 MB). Richard O'Brien plays Damien (the tabloid photographer) in this 1997 film. Here he chats about his character with another cast member during the credits. "But why can't I have a softer side? Like you know, the kids are going to start hating me. You know they're going to start attacking me in the street, like."
Spice World (Damien Epiphany)Spice World (Damien Epiphany) - 59 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 6.6 MB). Richard O'Brien plays Damien (the tabloid photographer) in this 1997 film. Here he is caught with his camera by The Spice Girls at the hospital, precipitating a chase, bumping his head, and an epiphany. "Oh do you know what, girls? You've made me realize I've been living a meaningless lie."
Spice World (Damien In The Toilet)Spice World (Damien In The Toilet) - 41 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 4.5 MB). In a memorable scene from this 1997 film, Richard O'Brien as Damien (the tabloid photographer) actually crawls up out of a toilet at night in the house occupied by The Spice Girls.
Spice World (Damien Introduction)Spice World (Damien Introduction) - 39 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 4.3 MB). "How do we know you're any good, pal?" "7:45... you sniffing your socks before putting them on. 8:55... you in the lift picking your nose." Richard O'Brien is introduced as Damien, the tabloid photographer, in this 1997 film. He's being interviewed by tabloid editor Kevin McMaxford, played by Barry Humphries.
The Contraption (1977)The Contraption (1977) - 7 minutes 36 seconds (540x420, 30 fps, 51.0 MB). Short film by James Dearden, starring Richard O'Brien as The Man. There is only one spoken line, voiced by Charlotte Cornwell: "Out of all the men in the world, I ended up marrying a bloody mouse".