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Richard O'Brien - Music Videos: 2 videos

Angel In Me by Richard O'BrienAngel In Me - 5 minutes 19 seconds (662x360, 30 fps, 45.0 MB). Richard O'Brien appears in this 1998 music video to promote his Absolute O'Brien album. The Angel In Me song was originally performed for his Disgracefully Yours stage show, and he appears here in full costume as Mephistopheles Smith. During the sidewalk scene, keep an eye out for various U.K. Rocky fans walking through the crowd in their lingerie.
Time Warp (2000-02-19) by Richard O'BrienTime Warp (2000-02-19) - 3 minutes 47 seconds (540x411, 25 fps, 27.1 MB). Richard O'Brien sings The Time Warp live with the SAS Band (present here only as unseen backup singers) at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on February 19th, 2000. Bizarrely, the text running towards the beginning (falsely) claims that the song was never released as a single.