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Saturday Night Live 1977 (Dame Edna Everage)Saturday Night Live 1977 (Dame Edna Everage) - 4 minutes 51 seconds (540x365, 30 fps, 32.5 MB). "When I was in London last year, working on a film, I was privileged to meet one of the great actresses of the English speaking theatre. And she is here tonight... she is one of the world's great witty conversationalists, and I know you're going to enjoy her. Please let's give a big welcome to Dame Edna Everage." Barry Humphries appears as Dame Edna with host Madeline Kahn in the third season of Saturday Night Live, originally airing on October 8th, 1977.
Shock Treatment (International Trailer)Shock Treatment (International Trailer) - 2 minutes 20 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 15.6 MB). Basically identical to the theatrical trailer, except the sound is mono and it loses the cool/creepy bits by Richard O'Brien as Dr. Cosmo McKinley.
Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer)Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 37 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 17.5 MB). "Hello, I'm Dr. Cosmo McKinley. I'd like to tell you about a new film from the gang that gave you The Rocky Horror Show... Shock Treatment." "You'll be pathetically crazy about Shock Treatment. Trust me... I'm a doctor."
Spice World (Damien Introduction)Spice World (Damien Introduction) - 39 seconds (670x360, 30 fps, 4.3 MB). "How do we know you're any good, pal?" "7:45... you sniffing your socks before putting them on. 8:55... you in the lift picking your nose." Richard O'Brien is introduced as Damien, the tabloid photographer, in this 1997 film. He's being interviewed by tabloid editor Kevin McMaxford, played by Barry Humphries.
Spice World (Theatrical Trailer)Spice World (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 13 seconds (540x412, 30 fps, 14.9 MB). "When the world is in trouble, when our future is in danger, we call upon one man... but when he's busy, he calls five girls." Richard O'Brien appears in this 1997 film as Damien, the tabloid photographer. Can also spot Barry Humphries as the tabloid editor, Kevin McMaxford.