The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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Cold Case (Creatures of the Night Part 1)Cold Case (Creatures of the Night Part 1) - 19 minutes 16 seconds (624x350, 24 fps, 129.0 MB). Video continues in Part 2. This entire episode of Cold Case is centered around The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with several clips from the film, numerous songs from the soundtrack being played during flashback segments, and to top it all off Barry Bostwick playing the serial killer Roy Brigham Anthony (while also appearing on-screen as Brad Majors). Originally aired on May 1st, 2005.
Fame (Rocky Horror Picture Show Part 2)Fame (Rocky Horror Picture Show Part 2) - 2 minutes 34 seconds (646x360, 24 fps, 17.1 MB). Characters Doris Finsecker and Ralph Garcey watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 8th Street Playhouse in New York City, from the 1980 film Fame. Doris is later inspired to run on stage and join the performers for The Time Warp. Continued from Part 1, in which fan club president Sal Piro warmed up the audience.
Shock Treatment (International Trailer)Shock Treatment (International Trailer) - 2 minutes 20 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 15.6 MB). Basically identical to the theatrical trailer, except the sound is mono and it loses the cool/creepy bits by Richard O'Brien as Dr. Cosmo McKinley.
Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer)Shock Treatment (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 37 seconds (540x406, 24 fps, 17.5 MB). "Hello, I'm Dr. Cosmo McKinley. I'd like to tell you about a new film from the gang that gave you The Rocky Horror Show... Shock Treatment." "You'll be pathetically crazy about Shock Treatment. Trust me... I'm a doctor."