The Musical World of Rocky Horror

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Cold Case (Creatures of the Night Part 2)Cold Case (Creatures of the Night Part 2) - 21 minutes 54 seconds (624x350, 24 fps, 146.6 MB). Video continued from Part 1. This entire episode of Cold Case is centered around The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with several clips from the film, numerous songs from the soundtrack being played during flashback segments, and to top it all off Barry Bostwick playing the serial killer Roy Brigham Anthony (while also appearing on-screen as Brad Majors). Originally aired on May 1st, 2005.
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Teaser Trailer)Rocky Horror Picture Show (Teaser Trailer) - 30 seconds (540x412, 24 fps, 3.4 MB). "A Different Set of Jaws".
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Theatrical Trailer)Rocky Horror Picture Show (Theatrical Trailer) - 2 minutes 59 seconds (540x412, 30 fps, 20.0 MB). "You've seen all kinds of movies, but you've never seen anything like The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Spicks and Specks (2008-07-16)Spicks and Specks (2008-07-16) - 1 minute 9 seconds (636x344, 25 fps, 7.7 MB). "Nell, a lot of people would know you as Little Nell." "I grew." Guest panelist Nell Campbell is introduced on ABC's "Spicks and Specks" in Australia, a music-themed television quiz show. They talk about how she was originally cast for the part of Columbia in The Rocky Horror Show, and show a clip of her tapdancing during Time Warp in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Originally aired on July 16th, 2008.